The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! All the beginning teachers who at some point shared their awesome ideas, challenges, fears and frustrations with me. And welcome all those new and prospective foreign language teachers who are dedicated to providing quality education for all.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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I began my journey 23 years ago in the year 1995 when I started teaching in an adult education center. There were 80 students in my classroom. The principal introduced me to the class. I couldn’t speak a word. I was scared. My hands were trembling and for the first time in my life I felt I was going to faint in front of the class. It was the first time and despite the years (although I do not faint), I have been feeling the same anxiety every time I face a new class.

I was lucky I met great people in my journey. Good classmates,  teachers, administrators and colleagues that helped me through the path. Even now that I chose to teach far away from home, I continue learning from people in an educational system that is so different from the one I know. Hamilton High has been a challenging place in Memphis, Tennessee and the students have been my main resource for learning.

I have designed this blog to get all those beginning teachers ready to tackle their first assignments during the first week or year in the classroom. You all probably remember all the techniques and strategies you learned in the university or college; so it is important for me to say that it is not the intention of this blog to provide you with learning theories or teaching approaches. Instead, here you will find lots of tips for setting up your classroom, establishing the grading system for your subject, connecting with parents and legal guardians, creating an appropriate and motivating learning environment and meeting the curriculum learning objectives for your subject.

At the beginning of the year at a school, you will be given your schedule, the basic rules and procedures, plans and programs for your subject and you will be introduced to the class. You will be nervous. You will have a lot of questions. I hope you can find some of the answers here. Welcome!


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