Planning your lesson: Warm Up

The first step in a lesson: Warm ups, ice breakers, bell ringers, bell work, etc. Different names for an activity with the same purpose: setting the tone for the rest of the lesson and trying to create  a relaxed atmosphere to engage students with the foreign language.

Yes, it sounds easy. But most of the teachers, including my self, may find it a little difficult. So, what I have found is motivating for students is to watch a video or an image…and then? Well, why not following Bloom’s taxonomy to create question starters related to the videos or pictures?

Let’s review the following example:

Learning outcome: I can describe my city to a tourist.

Lesson target: I can listen to and watch a video about a city and identify general and specific information as well as cultural aspects of the city.

Resource: A video about an American or English city (no more than 5 minutes).

Warm-up activity: Show the video to the students and ask the following questions.

Bloom_s Taxonomy Question Starters 1

Bloom_s Taxonomy Question StartersRemember that the warm-up activity could last from 8 to 10 minutes and that the questions might be asked in the mother tongue or the target language (Spanish or English). The objective of this activity is to motivate the students to participate, and also using the Bloom’s Taxonomy Questions Starter gives you the opportunity to move from the most basic cognitive level to higher thinking skills.

If you are interested in more examples, click here or review the RESOURCES page in this blog. Or you can also visit the following site



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