First parents meeting in 10 easy steps

This will be your first parents meeting. It is an important aspect of your job. The impression you make in the parents will set the tone for the rest of the year. It is extremely important to have this time well organized in order to make the best of it. Prior to the parents’ arrival, set up your classroom to look inviting and make sure all the equipment and resources you will use are working properly.

During the meeting be sure to address the following:


  1. Have a sign-in sheet or book at the entrance of the room for parents to sign in.
  2. Have the agenda on the board or a Power Point presentation for parents to see when they enter the room.
  3. Introduce yourself. Tell the parents about your expectations for their children during the year. Be enthusiastic.
  4. Tell the parents that this is not the time to discuss specific students’ issues but that they can always contact you or any other teacher to set up a parent/teacher conference if they want to discuss in a private setting.
  5. Explain briefly the schools grading policy and how they can monitor their child’s progress.
  6. Show the parents the rules and procedures you have been working with the students and encourage them to discuss these rules and procedures with their children.
  7. Include any specific information the school asks you to.
  8. Give parents tips on effective study strategies so they can assist their child and work with you as a team.
  9. Remind them how they can contact you whenever they have questions or concerns.
  10. Leave some time to answer questions. Be brief and precise in your answer.


Finally, say good bye to parents, wait until everyone leaves the room , pick up your belongings and go home!

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