How objective driven lessons can make you famous!

Teaching is an activity with a PURPOSE! The objective of a teacher? Make the students reach theirs! Lesson planning requires careful alignment of objectives and activities so the students can master the GOAL because it is observable, measurable and understandable.

The objective or learning outcome or lesson target is what drives the lesson. So, what are the elements teachers should consider to prepare an OBJECTIVE DRIVEN LESSON?

  • Share the objective in the mother tongue (English or Spanish or whatever the case may be) unless you teach an advanced class. In that case, you can share the objective in the target language.
  • Write the objective in a friendly language such as “I can…” (Yo puedo…)
  • Connect the objective with the learning activities prepared for the lesson
  • Post objective on the wall, board or PPT presentation. You can follow this example:

Objective driven lesson

  • Share the agenda for the day with the students. What learning activities have you prepared to make the students reach the objective?
  • Model how you expect students should meet the objective. Show, for example, a conversation or a video so they can see how they can do their best and what you expect from their performance.
  • To make sure the students understood the objective of the lesson, ask the following questions:
  1. Can you tell what the objective is and why it is important?
  2. Can you give an example of how this objective and learning activity can be used in the real world?
  • In relation to this, avoid yes/no questions such as: Did you understand the objective? This kind of question does not lead to develop higher thinking skills.

Everything you do in a lesson must be clearly connected to the objectives: every activity or task, every strategy, every resource, and every assessment.

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